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Spray Tan

  • Spray Tan                                $50

  • Organic  Spray Tan                 $55

  •  1h Rapid  Spray Tan               $60   

            Allows you to shower as soon as:

1h      for light color

2hrs  for medium color

3hrs  for dark color 

  • Competition Spray Tan  $150

            *Nut free, paraben free, gluten free, 100% VEGAN



For maximum results, start exfoliating your entire body gently and moisturizing every day the week prior to your spray tan appointment. Don’t scrub too hard as you may make tiny scratches on your skin; the color will adhere to those scratches and turn really dark! We recommend using RENEWING SUNLESS EXFOLIATOR for best results or using a loofah, exfoliating glove or exfoliating towel with a body wash or sugar (or sea salt) scrub. Don’t use exfoliators with oils in them! Moisturize after every shower with SKIN RENEWING BODY BUTTER. 

Shaving or waxing should be done 24 hours before your Spray Tan appointment.

The better condition your skin is in, the better your tan will look.







Day of Getting Spray Tanned...DO NOT MOISTURIZE!!!

1.) GENTLY EXFOLIATE ONLY with RENEWING SUNLESS EXFOLIATOR. Be careful not to scrub too hard, when exfoliating,
 as you may make tiny scratches on your skin; the color will adhere to those scratches and turn really dark! sure to rinse off thoroughly.
2.) DO NOT put on any makeup, lotion, deodorant, perfume/cologne before or after your spray tan application. These products will affect your tan and the deodorant will turn your armpits green! 
3.) Come to us with clean, dry skin wearing dark, loose fitting clothing and flip flops. An oversized shirt and oversized drawstring (non-elastic) waistband style sweatpants made of SOFT COTTON OR POLYESTER BLEND are best because they glide over your skin and won't ruin the development of the bronzer. Avoid stiff fabrics!! Tops that “easily” pull OVER your head are best; button up tops are okay too. Do not wear jeans, tennis shoes or socks!
4.) Women can be sprayed nude. If you have long hair, please remember to bring a tie back to keep hair off your shoulders and neck; if you forget, we will provide one. We will provide a hair cap for you to wear, as well.
5.) Men may wear something smaller (trunks, underwear, shorts).
6.) A typical spray tan session takes about 15 minutes (applications and dry time). You will feel slightly sticky for about an hour until completely dry. We will dry you as much as possible.


You will get darker as the solution sets in to your skin and the hours go by. You will not want to perspire or sweat after your appointment! Bring an umbrella if there is a remote chance of rain. Plan your day accordingly. Be careful when brushing your teeth, as the toothpaste has sulfate and will leave marks on your face. It is best to be completely covered when you sleep! You don’t know what you do in your sleep, so if you rest your hand on your stomach, etc., you will wake up with a brown hand and a handprint on your stomach. It is best to wear long, loose pants like pajama bottoms and a long sleeve pajama top to bed. Cover up from wrist to ankle! If you are driving in a car, place a sheet over the seat to sit on. The next morning, rinse with warm water ONLY and moisturize very well using SKIN RENEWING BODY BUTTER or for longer and lasting effect use SUNLESS COLOR EXTENDER PROLONG, VENETIAN GRADUAL SELF TANNER & CC CREAM WITH BRONZER or BOOST COLOR BUILDING TAN EXTENDER. The lotions will process in the next few hours; do not shower for at least 6 hours. During your next shower, use PH BALANCING SHOWER CLEANSER gently and moisturize after with any of the lotions listed above.  


* All products are available for purchase on-line.

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